syndikaton™ boom continues

[syndikaton™press] Progressive globalization leads to new forms of artistic cooperation. syndikaton™ committed itself to this principle . the group of artists did not have to wait long for the sponsors: syndikaton™ is the proof for the harmonious relationship between culture and New Economy. syndikaton™ develops new strategies for globalization and promotion of art in the post-colonial information society.

At last : <location> gained another cultural attraction - for the first time syndikaton™ resides in <location>, <address> with its new exciting project "phase <number>:_ <phase_description>".
to <date2> <opening_hours>

Those <number_a> young intermedially oriented artists classify themselves as representatives of the new materialism.

"After the collapse of modern trend and post-modernism we had to think again", remarks Frau.B, senior strategic consultant of the
syndikaton™ group. "We simply had enough of the old paradigmas", adds Frau. M. (former junior scan manager with syndikaton"!) - and in such a way became from "the medium is the message" - "syndikaton™ is the message ".

What awaits the art connoisseur, if he enters the syndikaton™ branch in <location>? "syndikaton™, sets well-known patterns of seeing and understanding in new light, according to Mrs. B "Whereas before artists did not feel obliged to practice a certain style, syndikaton™ creates new identification potential by its strict principles. The syndikaton"! principles read "replacement", "automation", "adaptation" and "manual work".

In its latest exhibition group shows a cross section from all ranges of its artistic power and craftsmanship: videostills, videotrailers, prints, web- and knit- work as well as URLs and underwear can be admired at <location> from <time1> to <time2> daily except <holiday>.


But there is even more:

syndikaton"! prepared some very special events for the whole family! It is a whole syndikaton festival that questions in well-known syndikaton style the re-perception of art and commerce.
In phase
<number>:_ <phase_description> syndikaton's leitmotif is <feature>.

At <date_a> phase <number>: <phase_ description> goes live. The "private opening" will be held as a classical vernissage in club atmosphere with sparkling wine and sushi.
Doors open <time1> p.m. at <location> (numerous appearance asked).

At <date_b> at <time2> o'clock (please, be on time!) syndikaton™ invites you to its very traditional "Heimat"-Evening with performance and blood-sausage-bread.

Finally phase <number>: <phase_description> is rounded off in a "public closing" with a press conference and the capital report.
<date_c> <time3> a.m.

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